$10.000 for Team Seas thanks to NFTs
934 Labs partnered with a Scandinavian team to help them realize media content to promote an NFT series with real-life utility. The project is dedicated to Narwhals, which used to live undisturbed in the clean and cold arctic oceans. But times are changing. The sea they used to live and thrive in is no longer what it used to be – to work against that the NFT series was born to create awareness for that cause. During the so called «mint» period, a part of each payment through the Solana blockchain was added up and made it possible to donate $10.000 to Team Seas, helping them to clean the oceans. Most likely the people holding the NFT never thought about donating their money to a project like that but with the storytelling, marketing and technology made it possible to relatively easy rase a small but still significant amount to make our planet just a little bit better. A very nice use-case for one of the more eco-friendly blockchains Solana. Welcome to Web3!

Web3 explained

In Web 1 you could only interact with websites. In Web 2.0 you could create content on websites. Now in Web 3, you actually own the content you create and you can monetize or transfer ownership of that content through decentralized networks.
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