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Who We Are

We are a dedicated team of dreamers, workaholics and specialists with years of experiences in Entertainment, Hospitality, Marketing, Finance, Corporate Leadership, Executive Coaching and IT. Through our network we’ve build connected services and experiences to support companies to achieve operational excellence as foundation for innovation.

With the entertainment and hospitality cloud platform, we enable hospitality companies, campings, amusement parks, live entertainment production companies and stand-alone entertainment operators like cinemas, theaters oder art galleries to create new smart experiences, opening novel distribution channels and enable operational excellence for business success.​ Our Entertainment & Hospitality Cloud Platform is the Operating System of the Entertainment Industry: We are enabling emotions and inspiring success.

We enable our customers to inspire millions of people worldwide every day in the Sports, Entertainment, Media & Hospitality Industry.

Through our services, technologies and productions, we light up stars in the eyes of people globally, giving them inspiration and perspectives.

Excellence is our foundation for innovation and success.

We are not people managers but talent gardeners.

Technology and Innovation are secret potions, enabling us and our customers to challenge the status quo and achieve our vision.

We lead the experience industry through the digital revolution.