Introducing: Kallu – Our very own next gen telco

Making calls, joining video conferences and surfing in the internet has become everyday life for a lot of us. We rely on strong connections and service. However it’s sometimes complicated for businesses to get the best for their actual use-case.

This is why we founded our very own telecommunication company «Kallu» in Switzerland.


We are happy to announce the launch and official federal registration for telecommunication of our new brand «Kallu». With Kallu we will offer a wide range in telco services like providing numbers, easy to understand billing for corporate telephony as well as internet and even TV services. Further than that we offer an exclusive integration to Microsoft Teams offering our clients to make and accept calls from their office numbers directly in Teams on desktop and mobile. Say goodbye to the old-fashion switchboard and hello to a digital way of making calls. We are happy to help you transferring your lines to the cloud!

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